Mrs. Prestage Layman

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Mrs. Prestage-Layman

Dear Parents,   

I hope this finds you all well! Below you will find a link to daily  lessons and activities that your child can participate in during Distance Learning. Although ALL of the activities are optional and will not count toward grades, the learning activities can help your child's mind stay engaged while providing then with some business-as-usual normalcy. I will be checking on student participation and providing feedback. I will also be using the online platforms of Google Classroom, Think Central, and ConnectEd  as a way of communicating and delivering assignments. If you or your child is having difficulty accessing the online platforms, please let me know, as I can work with you to come up with an alternative.  

Take good care all! We'll be back on track before we know it!
Jeanette Prestage-Layman

 Click here for lessons

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