Mrs. Guski

     Distance Learning

Please use this page to help you navigate our at-home learning opportunities.  The following assignments are recommended for students to complete each school day.

**If you experience any difficulty or have any challenges with distance learning please use helpdesk@etiwanda.orgfor answers to your questions.***


Website for Resources.

Helpful hints: 

--Make sure that everyone is logged out of Google Chrome on the device before having your student sign in.

--For ConnectED click the ConnectED link at the website above then choose the ConnectED button on the apps page that opens.

--For i-Ready click on the i-Ready link on the web site above then choose "Log in with Google" when the i-Ready window opens

--Passwords are case sensitive.

Please see my google classroom for distance learning information.

Week 1: March 18th - March 20th
Spring Break - Enjoy your time off!
Week 2: March 30th - April 3rd
If needed:
Week 3: April 6th - April 10th
Week 4: April 13th - April 17th 

Reading and writing assignments can be taken from the weekly lesson plans.

i-ready Reading and Math lessons 20 minutes per day. 
Click on the blue oval K-1 Card Login
Enter our class number 119318 or 010953
Find your name and animal. Click on it.
Enter your Picture Code.
Choose Reading or Math. 

*The kindergarten student should be able to enter the name, animal and picture code. If not, please email your child's teacher.* 

Sight Words
Week 1: Review - help, too, other, into, all
Spring Break
Week 2: March 30th - April 3rd where, look, know, write
Week 3: April 13th - April 17th come, does, first, sound
Week 4: April 20th - April 24th Color Words - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, gray, white
number words - zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Science - Based on your child's interests, here are two websites that feature science videos.

Social Studies activities are listed on the at-home optional assignments pdf or use PBS Learning Media

o  K-5 PBIS Learning Media video and write or draw about it

Additional Digital Educational Resources: